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A pliers keychain is not just a decorative element for keys but also a useful mini-tool. With its help, you can evenly grip and hold small parts (wires, cables, and much more).

Ordering such a keychain from us means acquiring a "pocket assistant" that will come in handy in various unforeseen situations, often encountered by motorists.

Merchandise Characteristics:

Product Type: Keychains
Theme/Type of Keychain: Tool
Purpose: For cars, For keys, On backpacks
Type: Car keychains
Country of Manufacture: China
Brand Registration Country: China
Brand: PICC
Length: 2.56 inches (6.5 cm)
Width: 0.79 inches (2.0 cm)
Color: Silver
Special Features: Movable, Functional
Material: Metal Alloy
Weight: 0.53 ounces (15 g)

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