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BMW M4 DTM - #31 - TOM BLOMQVIST - H&R - 1:32

BMW M4 DTM - #31 - TOM BLOMQVIST - H&R - 1:32

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Here you can purchase collectible BMW model cars, representing a multiple participant in the German touring car championship "DTM." This inertia-driven, scale model of the BMW M4 DTM is crafted from a metal alloy with plastic components. Both doors and the hood can be opened. By installing 3 LR44/AG13-type batteries, upon opening the doors, the car emits various sounds, and all lights illuminate. The BMW M4 DTM makes for a splendid gift for a BMW enthusiast.

This touring car was created by the Bavarian manufacturer for competitions in the Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters (DTM). It was developed in 2013 for seasons 2014 to 2018, replacing the M3 DTM, and later succeeded by the turbocharged "BMW M4 Turbo DTM." After homologation completed in March 2014, the car made its debut on May 4th at the first DTM race of that year at Hockenheimring, where Marco Wittmann from BMW Team RMG secured the first victory.

Development: Entering the BMW Group's aerodynamics laboratory about 13 days before the start of the 2013 season, experts from Munich actively continued testing the aerodynamic components. They began developing entirely new suspension components from scratch, which first appeared on the track in early December. At that time, they were still used in the M3 DTM chassis. Production of the modified M4 components started in late December 2013, allowing the engineering team to build the first models of the new racing car in January 2014. The BMW M4 DTM delighted fans with its track debut in Montblanc on February 11, 300 days after the first aerodynamic test.

Development and Aerodynamics: Intensive work on the DTM modification of the car was carried out by BMW Motorsport engineers simultaneously at three factories: Munich, Regensburg, and Dingolfing. Throughout the development, factory 1-kilometer test tracks were used for aerodynamic testing.

The road-going BMW M4 and the DTM BMW M4 have an incredibly low ground clearance. Aggressive design elements emphasize the power of these "brothers" even in a static state. Attractive details such as twin headlights and the characteristic double kidney grille guaranteed the M4 increased attention among fans of the M series.

The side mirrors of the M4 DTM, with a two-post mounting, were additionally modified for aerodynamics on the race track to ensure an efficient airflow to the rear of the car. Given the key role of aerodynamics in modern race cars, BMW Motorsport engineers devoted a considerable amount of man-hours to aerodynamic performance characteristics and airflow dynamics. Similar to the production version, the front of the racing version was equipped with air curtains to reduce resistance. Narrowed air ducts, directing flows past the wheels and thus reducing turbulent load on the wheel arches, accelerate the airflow passing through the front skirt. Another feature is the flat rear window optimizing airflow directed towards the rear wing, and a plate along the side air intake giving the car much more expressive features. Proportions characteristic of the production M4 – extended wheelbase, long hood, lowered ground clearance with a short front overhang – make the M4 DTM incredibly fast even when standing still.

Curb Weight: Another component of high efficiency on the racetrack is the low center of mass and low weight. The racing version of the M4, together with the pilot, weighs only 1110 kg. This is 80 kg less than the previous model. These indicators positively affected the dynamic acceleration and fuel consumption. This result was achieved through the widespread use of lightweight materials: aluminum and carbon fiber. Almost 100% of the BMW M4 DTM body is constructed from durable yet extremely lightweight carbon fiber.

Engine: The racing version is equipped with the existing "P66 V8" engine, previously used by its predecessor, the M3 DTM. The "BMW P66" engine in the M4, with an air restrictor (as per technical regulations), delivers 480 horsepower. It includes about 800 components assembled from 3900 parts. The V8 for DTM races, combining speed and reliability, serves as both a marathon runner and a sprinter. This combination accelerates the M4 DTM from 0 to 100 km/h in 3 seconds, and high reliability (considering restrictions on the use of new engines) became a prerequisite for success.

Merchandise characteristics

  • Competition: Touring
  • Product Type: Scale Models
  • Scale: 1:32
  • Type: Ready-made model
  • Brand: BMW
  • Type: Touring Cars
  • Friction Drive: Yes
  • Age: 3 years, 4 years, 5 years, 6 years, 7 years, 8 years, 9 years, 10 years, 11 years, 12 years, 13 years, 14 years, 15 years, 16 years, 17 years, 18 years
  • Power Elements: 3 x LR44/AG13
  • Country of Manufacture: China
  • Brand Registration Country: China
  • Trademark: Huadawei
  • Length: 6.10 inches (15.5 cm)
  • Height: 1.50 inches (3.8 cm)
  • Width: 3.15 inches (8.0 cm)
  • Color: White, Blue, Black
  • Material: Metal + Plastic
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